Process for Cyclone Finance


The process, with the time-frame in brackets, is as follows:

- Parent places order online - 1 order per child (1 day)

- School approves (1 day approx.)

- Email is sent to parents to gather their banking details etc. This will happen on the same day, but parents need to action this email, if they don’t fill out these details, nothing will happen (1 day)

- Debit Success process the finance information (1 day to process)

- Payment is received (3 day wait to confirm payment is not removed)

- Cyclone order the device (4-7 days, depending on availability)

- Device arrives at Cyclone and is then white-gloved (1 day)

- Device is sent out to either school / parent

Total days … 13-15 working days

Please note:

- This process will only work if all details are correct, if the parent chooses Cyclone Finance and not other means of payment.

- All orders must be for 1 child only.

- Orders must be made using the correct school name.

Video instructions for applying for Finance

Emails you need to action

Cyclone Finance Process